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i transcribe and reveal beauty of nature through intuitive calligraphy. materials curated from refuse drives the approach of each project.

the artist

Language of Lines

I attempt to capture and reveal the inner beauty of rhythm and movement that is observed from my surrounding. It can be the lines on the tree trunk or details on a rock or aerial view of the earth.

The materials that i incorporate into my paintings are the hidden issues in my work. They consist of seeds, junk mail and wrappers or plastic bags, curated for their color and purpose. These are normally things we overlook in our lives but have inherent beauty once taken out of context.
I like to build up my paintings in layers because I believe the background is equally important. The paintings are abstract thoughts emerging through the layers. I leave it up to the viewer to feel the rest.


Sophia Lee was born in Taipei and immigrated to Southern California at age 9. Growing up, she moves between both places keeping up languages and cultures. She first studied fashion design then painting at art center in pasadena. The following years, she’s lived and worked in New York City, LA, taipei, Portland, San Francisco and Newport Beach. Her dream is to travel the world and make art. After a decade away from making art, she returned to painting in her travels. Her first solo exhibit was held in taipei in 2007. She also participated in group shows in LA, Portland and SF. She works in acrylics and encaustics and anything else that she collects from her walks through the city, at the beach, or on her hikes. She recently completed a 2 year residencyt at the journal building artist residency program sponsored by artSpan.



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