Language of Lines

me dancingThe lines I work with represent my language. Because I’m multilingual, I know the same word or phrase can’t be translated exactly. So when I try to speak, it’s often in a mix of different languages—and that’s when i run into trouble.

My earliest memory was when I was with my friend talking about how our mom’s were dressed. I wanted to say my mom was dressed conservatively. She overheard me, and I had actually said she was dressed like an old woman. She was hurt. 

I’m more careful with my words now, and I let my art express my feelings in a language of lines.




artist cv:

since 2007:

  • 11.2007 arabesque (solo),
    taipei, taiwan
  • 01.2008 wild east art show (group),
    taipei, taiwan
  • 12.2008 winter group show (sopa gallery),
    south pasadena, ca
  • 12.2008 alley cat year book project (group)
    taipei, taiwan
  • 05.2009 sopa group show
    sopa gallery, south pasadena, ca
  • 09.2009 artist beat the flood (group),
    auction to benefit for typhoon victims.
    lili cafe gallery, taipei taiwan
  • 03.2010 sopa featured artist (group),
    south pasadena, ca
  • 10.2010 south pasadena art walk (group)
    in sopa gallery, ca
  • 05.2011 26th annual juried mail-in art show,
    margaret harwell museum,
    poplar bluff mo
  • 06.2011 6x6x2011: global
    rochester contemporary art center,
    rochester, ny
  • 07.2011 coloring outside the lines (finalist),
    art scene today, online exhibit
  • 09.2011 hundred valley exhibit (finalist),
    roseburg, or
  • 11.2011 peripheral (solo),
    pearl framing & art gallery
    portland, or
  • 06.2012 residency program, invited:
    raghurajpur international art/craft exchange
  • 04.2013 newport beach regional art exhibit (group)
    newport beach, ca
  • 08.2013 art on display, royal sonesta
  • 11.2013 women in art (group show)
    las laguna gallery
    laguna beach, ca
  • 02.2016 mfa never,
    root division, san francisco, ca (catalogue)
  • 04.2016 road trip, (group)
    gallery underground, arlington, va
  • 06.2016 newport beach art exhibit, (group)
    newport beach, ca
  • 07.2016 joined journal building residency
    san francisco, ca
  • 10.1.2016 HUB exhibit at Table Asia Gallery (group)
  • 10.1.2016 HUB exhibit at Farley Cafe (group)
  • 10.22/23.2016 SF Open Studios (journal building residency)
  • 12.2016-9.2017 Art-in-Neighborhood, Hotel Adagio, Mosser Hotel, Marker Hotel, Hotel Triton


  • 10.2017 SF open studio Hub exhibit, Hotel Triton
  • nov 4/5th 2017—SF Openstudio weekend 4. Journal Building Artist Residency


Portfolio available upon request, please contact me for more information.