Sophia (sophie) Lee

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Ever since i could hold a pencil, i remember i was drawing. I was a introverted child and being bilingual, Taiwanese/ Mandarin Chinese, didn’t help. The pencil helped me reach out to the people around me. At age 9, i moved to California, and English became my 3rd language. I did not trust my voice, so i was really quiet in school. The pencil reached out for me, it pierced the east/ west divide and the distance between thought and spoken words. The pencil connects me to my viewer.

I first studied fashion design at FIDM then painting and graphic design at Art Center College in Pasadena. I worked as graphic designer in NYC (St. Martin’s Press) for several years. It was amazing to be in such a vibrant city, and i get to design book covers, which was ideal because i love books and art.
Something was missing for me tho, so in the september of 2001, i began to wander the world. While i was in a museum in Japan years later, i picked up these brush pens and a sketch book, and i’ve returned to making art. this was coming full circle.  i filled so many sketchbooks that by 2007, i had my first solo exhibit in taipei.

Making art is like meditation through the pencil. I put down the first line and follow it as a thought and watch it organically grow. Oftentimes, the everyday life and environment comes into my art in a positive way. I can’t always explain how the work comes about, because it began as a thought. i don’t sketch for the paintings, i pick the medium and a point to start, and it really does grow on its own.

In this ever-moving and ever-faster paced world we live in, i noticed that we are not so in-tune with the little things around us. we walk past the very ordinary yet beautiful things without paying attention. i’m simply sharing what i see with my pencil (or brush).

I’m not comfortable making conversations about the work, and i hope the viewer will come to their own conclusions about it, connecting me to them.
I dubbed the patterns that developed “arabesque” for it’s double meaning and my
connection to dance as another form of communication. As noun:
1. an ornamental design consisting of intertwined flowing lines, originally found in Arabic or Moorish decoration.
2. Ballet posture in which the body is supported on 1 leg, the other leg extend
horizontally backward.
or as adj: in music, a passage or composition with fanciful ornamentation of the melody.

artist cv:


since 2007:

  • 11.2007 arabesque (solo),
    taipei, taiwan
  • 01.2008 wild east art show (group),
    taipei, taiwan
  • 12.2008 winter group show (sopa gallery),
    south pasadena, ca
  • 12.2008 alley cat year book project (group)
    taipei, taiwan
  • 05.2009 sopa group show
    sopa gallery, south pasadena, ca
  • 09.2009 artist beat the flood (group),
    auction to benefit for typhoon victims.
    lili cafe gallery, taipei taiwan
  • 03.2010 sopa featured artist (group),
    south pasadena, ca
  • 10.2010 south pasadena art walk (group)
    in sopa gallery, ca
  • 05.2011 26th annual juried mail-in art show,
    margaret harwell museum,
    poplar bluff mo
  • 06.2011 6x6x2011: global
    rochester contemporary art center,
    rochester, ny
  • 07.2011 coloring outside the lines (finalist),
    art scene today, online exhibit
  • 09.2011 hundred valley exhibit (finalist),
    roseburg, or
  • 11.2011 peripheral (solo),
    pearl framing & art gallery
    portland, or
  • 06.2012 residency program, invited:
    raghurajpur international art/craft exchange
  • 04.2013 newport beach regional art exhibit (group)
    newport beach, ca
  • 08.2013 art on display, royal sonesta
  • 11.2013 women in art (group show)
    las laguna gallery
    laguna beach, ca
  • 02.2016 mfa never,
    root division, san francisco, ca (catalogue)
  • 04.2016 road trip, (group)
    gallery underground, arlington, va
  • 06.2016 newport beach art exhibit, (group)
    newport beach, ca
  • 07.2016 joined journal building residency
    san francisco, ca


  • 10.1.2016 HUB exhibit at Table Asia Gallery (group)
  • 10.1.2016 HUB exhibit at Farley Cafe (group)
  • 10.22/23.2016 SF Open Studios (journal building residency)


Portfolio available upon request, please contact me for more information.