etching scratchboard art copper sfartist yvrarts yvr blog

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engraving art sfartist copper scratchbpard blog

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My crazy messy studio workstation Working on a submission to the heartfoundation for the chance to paint a heart sculpture blog

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I’ve taken some photos of the finished mural on the utilitybox I’ve painted in rwc I like how the other “column” works with it as a pair. Hope u think it matches too. blog rwcutilityboxart rwcutilityboxmurals sfartist bayareaartists bayarea painting sealife seal rowing bay turtle seaweed water sailing

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Fresh off the kiln from recent glazing session. Still waiting for two more bowls to b unloaded. Always so interesting to c what comes out coz it’s never exactly what u expected. claytime claywork. sfartist playtime ceramics blog arabesque

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sunset in redwoodcity Been painting since 6:30am~ still a ton to do. time to go home tho. sfartist rwcutilityboxart artistatwork rwcutilityboxmurals redwoodcitypublicart blog

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Been working on this artwork all day, it’s not my most beautiful painting but somehow it’s calling to me. I’ve got to c it thru and c where this take me. The blue ties in the idea of platicisland in the pacifiocean for this tufted plasticbag upcycle art. sfartist womenartists foundobject blog Still loads more to do!

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Working on the roadtrip, inspired by the southwest sandstones and landscapes, I’m etching a new series on copper boards. sfartist artistontheroad blog

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My utility box mural got selected for redwoodcity blog

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seam in karl ( karlthefog) is the title of this new painting going to the residency group show at hoteltriton sf sfartist blog 24×24″ acrylic and crayon on wood panel

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