painting utility box mural

i painted my first utility box mural last summer in redwood city. even though it was tough physically, it was a very good experience for me. so this summer, i was chosen for another set of utility boxes in san ramon city. this time the theme is the arts. my design was originally for one box but now i’m to spread it over 2 boxes. what an honor. however, it’s summer and we have record heat and now fires all over california, i find i have to take a break from painting. the bad air quality is not something i wish to risk for my lung, especially when i’m already working in the midst of traffic smog.
this is something i’m learning, since i’m slow at painting my boxes, i have to be better about choosing when to work.
things i learned:
i need to be better at transferring my design onto the box. the grid method is what you need to do to transfer the design correctly. grid the design and the box with pencil.
i’m using Percita Eyes mural paints and they’re awesome for coverage and color.
but because of heat and wind, everything dries too fast. my solution is to premix the colors in cosmetic jars that i use to save paints in and use that on site. this way, as the paints are exposed in the heat, even if there is wastage, i’m not wasting too much paint, and the colors are consistent.
as for paint brushes, def make sure to wet and rinse often. when home, best to deep clean the dried gunk off the brushes, else i’ll be tossing too many paint brushes.

Thanks to for coming out to help paint on the utility box with me. It’s hot and grimy and u never complained. And ur panel looks amazing. Thank u!
Back to working on my mural… took all day just to do the lower part of this panel! Can’t believe how slow I am. At the corner of crow canyon road & san Ramon valley blvd. Come say hi if u r nearby.
All the jars I’ve collected from my friends and sis are out to use here when I paint and mix colors.
Started a new on a set of and I’ve two young helpers today. * *

Where you stop, where I begin

Our 16 peep art exhibit is coming together nicely now.
I’ve a diptych selected from the Seams of the Fog group and a collaborative work with fellow pod-mate, rachel.
Pulling it together from concept chat to reality is an interesting process. It’s a challenge to coordinate our collaboration, because we each have a different work/ travel schedule.
She’s a photographer and I’m a painter.
In the end, we decided to create a project using a found wood panel as our frame to work within, the link between our work being the water.
I can’t wait to see what happens here.
Hope u will find time Yo stop by our group exhibit for the opening reception, may 10th, 6-10pm at Avenue, 3361 mission street.
Or, our SF Design Week demo/ talk on June 9th at 6-10pm. There will be demo by Tisha on ikebana flower arrangement or silk screen techniques

Climate Conference and Art Show

i’ve been doing a weaving project, using plastic bags collected from my everyday life. it’s my way to integrate environmental responsibility and creating abstraction in my art. one of the “painting” is going to be in an upcoming show at UCBerkeley on April 6th! i hope if you are in the region, you can come by for a visit!????

Mother’s kitchen rug
2017. plastic bags. 26×38″


teacup from boston

a friend i met 10 years ago in taipei, taiwan, continues to stay in touch via instagram. this is the way of the world today. friendships that can continue via internet.

i posted some of my ceramic work and we chatted about trading. which i haven’t gotten around. she recently send me this teacup she made. i love it. the size fits in the palm of my hands perfectly.

thank u Jenn @jlvins for sending me this beautiful cup! I’ll b drinking tea in my studio with it Hope to visit with u in Boston in April!

As part of the upcoming openstudios in sf launching next week, I’ve got a painting at the hoteltriton hub. Thanks to @arielgoldart for this wonderful photo of my work to share with u. This is hawaii northshoreoahu inspired work thus the title is Hawaii-6-O. Part of my cell arabesque series. blog sfartist localart womanartist asianwomanartist acryliconcanvas plasticbags

As part of the upcoming #openstudios in #sf launching next week, I've got a #painting at the #hoteltriton hub. Thanks to @arielgoldart for this wonderful photo of my work to share with u. This is #hawaii #northshoreoahu inspired work thus the title is Hawaii-6-O. Part of my #cell #arabesque series. #blog #sfartist #localart #womanartist #asianwomanartist #acryliconcanvas #plasticbags

As part of the upcoming #openstudios in #sf launching next week, I’ve got a #painting at the #hoteltriton hub. Thanks to @arielgoldart for this wonderful photo of my work to share with u. This is #hawaii #northshoreoahu inspired work thus the title is Hawaii-6-O. Part of my #cell #arabesque series. #blog #sfartist #localart #womanartist #asianwomanartist #acryliconcanvas #plasticbags

Monday morning spill

This is nearly the end of September I’m sitting in a lyft share ride to sfo to visit my brothers and their families. I keep thinking I’ve still loads to do in the studio, maybe I shouldn’t take off for a whole week!

I feel a silent pressure or stress that’s sitting in the background, trying to push forward. I’m also trying to finish my dad’s book project so he could finally have it printed. But now I have to turn all the pages into color. Wish I had the foresight to create everything in color first. Live and learn!

… as I’m in the ride…

Then, feeling I shouldn’t b on my devices, i thought I’d write in my notebook, and then… I spilled my coffee onto the crotch part of my jeans! The weirdest part is, the guy sharing the ride with me didn’t even react! None whatsoever! That’s my surprise about the morning commute share rides. I guess the etiquette is to ignore all and keep to yourself. I silently try to wipe my embarrassment away. What can I do being stuck in traffic and just live with the look of wet crotch through my entire ride to airport. Live and learn! (Thankfully I was able to chg out to another pair of pants I had in my backpack)

Lately I’ve begun working on my artist statement with a professional help. My confidence and focused statement about my art is my weakness. Something I really needed help with.

Rebecca had helped me come up with my tag line. Although the other night when someone asked me what my art is about, I complete blanked out!

I was supposed to own it and say, I invite people to communicate with a language of lines.

Instead I fell back on my usual blabbing. I felt terrible about it. So now I’m practicing some more. I’ll b asking family and friends to help me with this.

I’d like to get my website updated, apply to other residencies, and get myself into more shows and selling!

This week I’ll try to do at least the book and write 🙂