long arabesque series…

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Project Description

2010 drawings: shown in sopa gallery (s. pasadena)

i’m separating these drawings from the rest becuz they were part of a group show in south pasadena, where i’m a member of the small independent SOPA gallery. When i moved to portland, oregon btwn 2009-2012, my lines have lengthened. perhaps it’s the influence i feel from the environment there? it’s is the “details,” u c when u focus in or (zoom in) on the lines of the leaves or tree trunks. Oregon is such a green state with lots of wide open spaces and tall trees. Even the ppl here seemed taller. The lines I drew here simply went along with the ways things were. The pace of life here vs taipei is nearly opposites, so i slowed down and took lots of walks there and took notice of the small details in nature all around me.



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