Framed the other woodcut print but without glass. I think I like it sans glass too. This will b at the silentnight art show at the haightgallerysf too. sf sfartist blog 2018-02-06T23:05:53+00:00
All along the roadside in houghtonlake, these ragweeds r growing and I find them quite cute. Tho if it was growing on ur law. U’d b hating them. drawing 44/ the100dayproject 100daysofBotanica is about these weeds, dactylisglomerata is their Latin name :) art brushpens on disk mujisketchbook michigan blog grass instaart 2018-02-06T22:09:25+00:00
drawing 40/ the100dayproject 100daysofBotanica, yesterday afternoon we went sailing and by the boat were these kelp plants in the water. They were this unusual tan color. Diff from what I’ve seen. I’m trying to capture their flowing essence. disk mujisketchbook with saibrushpens inkart arabesque art sf blog ocean bayarea 2018-02-06T23:57:58+00:00
37/ the100dayproject 100daysofBotanica on disk mujisketchbook. We’re at Jim’s house in sthelena for bottlerock2016, his garden is filled with all these plants and flowers I can draw on for days! This is one example. brushpens markers. art blog Tks to @jennylies for the invite :) 2018-02-06T22:09:25+00:00
25/ the100dayproject 100daysofBotanica, saw this plant in the courtyard of the shinoladetroit sf store and just knew it has to b in my drawing. The leaves make the shape of a flower. drawing365 penandink. And the shadows it cast will b something I have to capture next. blog art disk mujisketchbook 2018-02-06T22:09:27+00:00
17/ the100dayproject 100daysofBotanica, I’m here in newportcoast and found this pomegranate tree in my mom’s garden The blossoms r waxy just like the fruit. blog drawing drawing365 artoftheday art penandink 2018-02-06T22:09:28+00:00
disk drawing 244, miserable weather out there. So time to stay in the cozy hotel room @11_howard and do my art drawing365 drawingoftheday drawingmeditation in floral pattern. While listening to @kcrw’s metropolis. NYC blog gelpen brushpen pencil 2018-01-28T22:50:11+00:00
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