A sparse page in my sketchbook but it’s on purpose. drawing365 drawing 49/ the100dayproject 100daysofBotanica is of the details of a tree’s blooming flowers in Newportbeach. They hang like bunches of little lanterns Do u know what this is? unipinfineline on muji mujisketchbook sf to oc blog 2018-02-06T22:09:24+00:00
Last drawing drawing365 of 2015 This is 206! Wishing everyone a happy new year in 2016! blog ink unipin oc newportbeach enjoying the last sunset of the year! 2018-02-06T23:17:53+00:00
drawing365 drawing 177/ the100dayproject 100daysofdrawing 100daysofdrawingarabesque We played several boardgames this weekend. Was fun to do nothing too newportbeach blog games inkart ink 2018-02-06T23:22:26+00:00
Happy halloween2015 drawing 176! Inspired by the snowwhite journal gift inktober2015 the100dayproject 100daysofdrawingarabesque 100daysofdrawing newportbeach blog halloween 2018-02-06T23:22:36+00:00
Dreaming of winter on the slopes. drawing drawing365 174/ the100dayproject 100daysofdrawingarabesque 100daysofdrawing newportbeach blog inktober2015 coloringbook project ink pigmamicron 2018-02-06T23:22:52+00:00
drawing 173. Forgot to post this last night. Sometimes when I start the drawing365 with 1 intention I ended up doing something else when I take a break. inktober2015 100daysofdrawing 100daysofdrawingarabesque the100dayproject SF newportbeach blog 2018-02-06T23:23:08+00:00
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