This coming oct will b my first #openstudios ever. I’m really happy to say I’m not doing it alone from my home. That would’ve been too scary. I’m a pack creature when it comes to sticking my neck out of my shell. I will b part of the Journal Building Artist Residency collective. 

#SF has been good for me so far, there r resources available to me for researching and connecting into the artist groups here. Portland hasn’t been so easy for me to connect. Maybe ppl there r much more independent and don’t want to b bothered or I just haven’t found the right resources and ppl? Could b that I was not always around either. But I think it’s also a very tight community up north and don’t like outsiders much, until U’ve been around long enuf, u r an outsider. 

Here, there’s the artist guild that has take me in as new initiate member to show in the parks. And the Artspan for taking me into the artist community 

This next months, I’ll b busy framing my water colors I painted last year for the Table Asia gallery group show on oct 1st. I also need to decide what to hang at Farley’s cafe. Used frames I think will b better for that space I think. 

I’ll post more as I get more done and share the progress. Right now I gotta head out n sort out the frames. Shopping sucks.