peripheral series


this series began back when i was living in taipei, taiwan around 2008. one day, i noticed these floating cotton-like things all over the city. upon closer examination, it’s embedded with seeds inside. i ran all over town to collect them. while in portland, oregon, i began to collect more and more seeds as i walk about town and country. eventually, i was able to figure out how to incorporate them into my paintings! the title of this series is peripheral, because, these seeds each have the potential to become another plant, but it’s often considered weed or trash, crushed. in a way, it’s also like my own little seed bank. i embellish the box so one day, even if the seeds have disappeared, the memory is still there. the titles are based on the location these seeds are found.  

cell arabesque series

cell arabesque series

this is a project i’ve begun in the spring of 2010, the 1st few paintings’ color choices were inspired by colors of soda packaging that we c everywhere. this is a series based on squares, the idea of movement inside a square stage. this series will have variation in size from 6”x6” (approx size of my hand) to 6’x 6’ (what my dream height is). after much thought and talk-over, the series is finally aptly named “cell” after the idea that cells r self-contained but also expands and grows. the smaller of this set of paintings are painted with  single element from the typical full patterns. then as the single-cell grows and mutate, they form patterns.

Pods: the curated arabesque

project 2011~

collaborating, curated & collecting

i’ve always been fascinated by the idea of waste. things that r man-made had its uses n then tossed out. the flyers that we c floating around like trash after its past its usefulness. the candy wrapper that once wrapped around the precious sweetness is now a pc of trash for the landfill. i’ve done installation pcs where my partner n i collected discarded leaves from all over town, but in the end, it’s also tossed back into the landfill when the install was over. in 2006, i was living in taipei at the time, i noticed that these white cottony things were flying all over my neighborhood. it turned out, they exploded from the tree pods nearby, carrying within the cotton r the seeds from the tree. i stopped my bike n began collecting them, running thru traffic of scooters, bikes, pedestrians. it was a full bag of tree lint that i had collected over the next few days. the original plan was to keep the lint n place it inside a shadow box frame. i sorted out all the seeds from the lint but it wasn’t until 2010 that i actually did something with these tree lints. this past couple of yrs, i’ve picked up all kinds of seed pods from all sorts of plants. in urban setting, these seeds that carries the hope and dreams of nature became part of the human waste. this spring, i began collecting them in large quantities, not knowing what i was to do with them. then, i realized, my painted lines and the pods make perfect partners. i hope by collecting the seed pods, i can share with the viewers their beauty n ingenious methods of transporting themselves.


my journal thru drawing…

i often get distracted by things around me n forget to spend more time in my studio (or i’m traveling elsewhere…) which is why to this day, my square painting series r nowhere near done! this week, i promised myself i’d try to do 1 drawing per day, unless i’m in studio, like a drawing diary. no matter if my hands r not steady that day, or i’m just drawing badly, i’m going to do it. i’m keeping it also in squares.

l’arabesque: 2007-2010

l’arabesque series…

2007-2010 paintings

a friend in france looked at my drawings and said they reminded him of l’arabesque, the arabic style calligraphy. what i find interesting is that “arabesque” is also a position in dance, bringing together my influences quite nicely. this page r more of the arabesque in painted form. they take much much longer than the drawings to do and r scaled up much larger than the drawings.

long arabesque series…

2010 drawings: shown in sopa gallery (s. pasadena)

i’m separating these drawings from the rest becuz they were part of a group show in south pasadena, where i’m a member of the small independent SOPA gallery. When i moved to portland, oregon btwn 2009-2012, my lines have lengthened. perhaps it’s the influence i feel from the environment there? it’s is the “details,” u c when u focus in or (zoom in) on the lines of the leaves or tree trunks. Oregon is such a green state with lots of wide open spaces and tall trees. Even the ppl here seemed taller. The lines I drew here simply went along with the ways things were. The pace of life here vs taipei is nearly opposites, so i slowed down and took lots of walks there and took notice of the small details in nature all around me.  



i hv always been fascinated by the idea of beeswax (encaustics)… it is the oldest medium in easel (portable) painting, even b4 oils, etc. it was not a very efficient process because one needs constant heat in the the process of painting, so the art has been lost for quite some time. due to modern technologies, artists have began exploring this method again since the 70s but gained most popularity in the 90s til now, esp in the NW regions. i started learning how to use this medium as well n find its textural quality to b totally fascinating. here r just a few beginning pcs…

solo exhibit: l’arabesque 2007

my first ever solo show after years of non-painting, was held in late 2007, Taipei, Taiwan. after i had returned from spending summer/fall abroad. i had accumulated so many brush drawing/paintings, it was hard to choose which to show, but rob ogle (who curated my exhibit) was really insightful in helping me make the cuts. many friends came to support the opening reception and we had such a fun party that ppl had left and came back. The night went on til nearly 2am. i sold more than 1/2 of the inks that night; the 6’scroll went to my sister (now in shanghai, china) and the black painting was also sold. it’s always a little sad to part with my artwork, but i was happy too that each would have a new home. i’ve been unorganized back then and only managed to document some of the ink on paper pcs and a snapshot of the only acrylic painting in the show. i do however have recently uploaded the other 2 acrylic on board paintings done around the same time here.   since i travel quite a bit, painting big isn’t always feasible. i carry with me drawing pads and brush pens to draw while i moving about. there are lots of time when i wait around when i fly, ride the train, or just sitting and waiting. these are times when the drawings happen. everything i c and experience influence me internally. these drawings, like my paintings, r done without “plans” or “sketching”, i don’t decide in advance exactly what i’m going to do. i hv an awareness of my environments; things i c everyday, big or sm all around, like the patterns i c on a tree trunk or the shape of the lines on cooled lava bed. i simply pick up a color i like in the moment and make the decision on where in the page i shall start, n ther i go. it’s my zen meditation n my body dancing thru the space via the pen or brush. the earlier sets, i then to fill the pages as a practice, as if the drawing is only a part of a larger space, lines overflow the edges. the later drawing, i set a diff parameter, stay inside the page, use empty space as part of the composition. either carries with it different esthetics, mainly i want the view to feel the motion, the flow, the details of the line, to b drawn in further after the initial glance, that ths isn’t just decorative. 20130531-162205.jpg 20130531-162214.jpg