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Repost @mbekcrw with @get_repost ・・・ Repost ・・・ I’m reposting this repost… so sad to hear another lovely man has passed…thank u for sharing the great foods of little known LA and culture to the ……..repost below…. I’ve always loved this photo of Jonathan. Looking with kind, curious eyes out onto the world laid out before him. We took it when we interviewed him about his doc at Sundance, a memory I will always treasure. @dustontodd

Finally, we did it. Our group show is up and reception was

Finally, we did it. Our group show is up and reception was a success! I wasn’t such a great photographer coz my ran outta juice. Repost @sophia_quotidian with @get_repost ・・・ The reveal of our group show and the collaboration work. sfartist womeninart cooperation collaboration artiststogether encausticart lightbox lightboxphotography lightboxencaustics

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Repost @journalbuilding with @get_repost ・・・ Rachel Styer @tinywhitesquare and Sophia Lee @barkingowls are working on their collaborative piece. They focused on water, specifically the sea. Each of them have a shared awareness of the importance of protecting and restoring the Earth’s ecosystem. In making the physical work, they arrived at sculpture, a new direction for both Sophie, who works in mixed media, and Rachel, who is a photographer. We are all excited about seeing their completed work soon! Please mark your calendars for the Opening Reception at Avenue Gallery @avenue3361 on Thursday, May 10th!