New painting: Magma.

This #painting is done! #acrylicpainting #arabesque, size is 36"x48" #blog. Ya, it's very #red and happy to b done before my #Hawaii trip :) #SF This #painting is done! #acrylicpainting #arabesque, size is 36″x48″ #blog. Ya, it’s very #red and happy to b done before my #Hawaii trip 🙂 #SF this i had began as a custom order for my mom’s house, which is why it’s so different from my cell arabesque series, which r all squared. at the time i was living in newport beach and when i moved 2 years ago, it all went into the storage. this past summer, when i became a member of the jmagma in progressournal building residency program, it finally came out from storage into the studio. after such a dormant period for this painting, i don’t recall what i had intended for it to look like in the end. but as all my painting r painting itself, i think this looks as it should. movement and energy and inner peace? i hope.  

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