art in public spaces

When I first painted a mural for my sister’s new home, it is so much more meaningful to paint for someone and on much larger scale. Size and space changes the scope of my work itself. I never realized that there are public art projects out there that would want my work. In 2017, my design was chosen for a utility box mural in Redwood City. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people’s responses to my murals. I love to be able to interact with pedestrians and people driving by in their cars who slows to honk their likes. I like making the city more beautiful to live in for people. It makes all the long grueling hours of painting in the sun, heat and wind totally worth it. I began to submit to call for art projects for public spaces.I’ve painted another set of utility boxes in San Ramon and other public sculptures (dog of Danville, Adirondack chairs for Dublin, Heart around Hartz) and light installations (Alameda), planters in Tustin. At the end of 2019, just in time for Thanksgiving, I painted a 28 feet mural for a condo lobby in Castro district of San Francisco. The residents loved that I made their homecoming a much more pleasant experience. For SF General Hospital Foundation in 2019 and 2020, I was chosen to paint mini-heart for auction benefiting the mental health program.
Currently, the heart for Danville, CA are on exhibit on the streets around town. They go up for auction to find their permanent home in September of 2020. The illustrations from the utility box to the chairs and hearts are all threaded together to form the storyline of The Secret Garden I plan on illustrate some time in the near future.

  • heart around hartz, danville, ca
  • heart around hartz, danville, ca
  • adirondack chairs for dublin, 2020

This set of  utility box mural is located on the corner of San Ramon Valley blvd. and Crow Canyon Road in the city of San Ramon. The title of my design is Let’s Dance! It took me quite a while to paint these 2 boxes due to higher heat in the East Bay.  I don’t have photos of all of the boxes here, but you can find more pictures by UBoxArt on instagram.

The utility box below is located in Redwood City on the corner of Veterans Blvd and Middlefield. It was my first time painting outdoors last summer. I quickly learned how fast paint dries  on the metal especially heated up by the sun.

working outdoors